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Education in the United States is broken, expensive and outdated. It's time for a change.


We are coders, teachers, professors, industry members who have noticed many cracks in  our education system. We have waited for a solution and see none has come. As  the years have gone by suggestions have only provided mere band aid affects on the large open wound. We are ambitious people working to solve this problem together. 


PawByte Education(name subject to change) is an online and offline program geared to replace the university/college oriented path individuals are given to seek higher paying jobs.  In order to address these issues our goal is to:

  • Provide online curriculum created with the help of Industry Human Resources, advanced members of  businesses and licensed teachers/professors.
  • In many areas we will also provide in-person proctored tests to ensure the integrity of the completed work.
  • Our biggest goal is to change employers hiring practices to include and accept certifications from companies like us, and consider us as equals to botcamps and college degrees(excluding lawyers, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, etc who are not our target industries).
  • Unlike bootcamps and universities, our aim is to make this as inexpensive as possible. Our profits will not go into giving investors their cut or “making delusional utopias”. Our go is to be utilized by employers to get as many minorities, poverty stricken and other forgotten parties hired ,who cannot afford college or the required time constraints.  Our servers can handle the usage. We cannot allow this problem  to continue existing for our children and future generations. 


Our goal is to launch in 2021 with as many supported programs as possible after co-creating curriculum with industry professionals. 


The Chicagoland area is our starting market as it requires less travel for proctored exams. Over time we hope expand and reach as many large cities and towns within the United States. 


The university/college path is simply outdated and expensive. Most of these programs have been around since before the internet existed, although online universities are operating, they still are owned by the broken and rigged system.

The trillions of debt the United States has for college degrees, with many in default ,is a core reason this has to change. When a student wants to learn a program from a university, he/she/they are paying for professors, teacher assistants, libraries, land, janitorial and maintenance staff, lofty college projects, sports teams, buildings, administrators, supervisors and a host of staff. This is thousands of dollars the student will struggle with after getting their degree( If they finish). 

Standardized testing has been around for decades, but many industries defer to university professors and instructors to create their own tests and require thousands to learn from the same powerpoint presentation made years ago.

The costs of textbooks over a few years could be better spent on cars, donation to charities or helping a single parent afford rent for one more month. The vast budgets of universities are out of hand and seems like they do not have people interested in reducing tuition. The large amount of federal, state and local funds going to support this deceitful industry is unimaginable. 

This can not be the way for our future, this can not be what we continue to allow, as we fly into outer space, end wars, and many other advancements in society. We have to focus on fixing this corrupt educational system and this is why this program is needed. 

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