We are primarily a games and entertainment studio and we love open source technology. Having created an open source game engine, thought it would be best to include a list of all of our open source projects.

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Applications / Engines

Our primary 2D cross-platform game engine written in C++. The engine runs smoothly on Windows,Mac,Linux with console and mobile support on it’s way. 

Our graphical user interface built on top of the Game Pencil Engine runtime. It powers the editor,  with a rather robust code base this project is useful for those who wish to understand the logic behind GUI systems or want a quick GUI to drop into their project.

Small C++ libraries

The sdl_surface_ex library is a quick and easy library to transform sdl_surfaces, load them and convert to sdl_textures.

The semath library is a short easy math library geared at indie developers using C++.

The Simple File Function library using the sff_ex namespace useful for creating directories, checking if files or paths exist via cross-platform methods.

The stg_ex library is a simple string library meant to perform basic string manipulation operations.  

List last updated February 8, 2021