May 2017 Report

  April has come and gone and May looks to be even more exciting. We were able to launch Version 1.1.0 BETA of Game Pencil Engine.  Now we are moving quite faster and with slightly less stress.   Just moved into a coworking space!   I love Chicago and the Read more…

Open Statement to all Gamers

Hello guys, In this day and age of projects mysteriously leaving platforms once promised for we will like to be 100% transparent with you. PawByte is 100% dedicated to The Nintendo Wii U, HTML5, PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The Nintendo Wii U is the system we test on 1st Read more…

PawByte wants you to pick what should be our next 3D game project

*See poll below*

PawByte has now expanded into three branches. Branch one, aka PawByte Light is a tools and middleware development team. In English, this team is what makes the Game Pencil Engine, editor and separate runners/exports for many platforms. This team by nature works in 2D and is talented in application design and general game engine and logic design. Branch 2 is PawByte Dev, which is a game building team. It’s main focus is to use our middleware tools to make commercial 2D game projects. The third, but not least and newest team is JollyAce, which mainly focuses on 3D game development(using Unity3D) and in the near future will also use PawByte created middleware tools for upcoming projects.