Thanks to our patreon backers I have been buying new web services for PawByte and our domains. I’ve also purchased currently just forwards to it’s page on PawByte, but will be it’s own domain soon). Soon I will also update the homepage to be more professional, for the first time in history I’ve actually paid for a WordPress Pro theme.

Documentation pages update

With the new purchase of, we will be bringing over GamePencil specific documentation to ( Hope to be done by end of month) and leaving our smaller libraries on 

Forking the Game Engine code-bases

For those who have been with us since the start, you will remember Game Pencil engine was for Javascript developers to create web-based games or desktop apps via electron. The current focus of Game Pencil engine is for C++ developers to port their game anywhere, with the web platform not available( maybe one day we’ll use enscripten; but time doesn’t allow for that). With that being said, it’s time to keep each engine to be language specific. So going forward we will be releasing a HTML5 developer program codenamed PawWeb5. “PawWeb5” will remain free and given a liberal license, most likely MIT. Although it’s codebase will be similar to GamePencil, it will operate quite differently, afterall resource management and gameloops can only change so much over time.

PawGUI changes

Before the dock system we created for Game Pencil engine was in the gpe_editor directory, now we’ve made enough changes to it so that it will be useful in any program made in Game Pencil that needs it’s UI. 

This will first and formost allow us to create PawWeb5 as it’s own program and secondly allow us any anyone to make whatever program they want that to utilize the dock design.

Finally, introducing PawByte Suites

Our love for open source and cross-platform applications and games will be realized via PawByte Suites, essentially each of our applications released will be released under this umbrella, nothing much beyond that. We have a few projects in mind, but we won’t begin development on that until 1.5.0 of Game Pencil is out to the public. They will all utilize the dock system of PawGUI and some have large projects and other small projects we will like to have on FreeBSD/Linux especially. So stay tuned, we always have the FLOSS world in mind.


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