In a series of events I had planned for GPE to only take up half of this quarter. Long story short, many unexpected personal life events turned things into a different situation. I noticed I haven't updated the normal site too often and have been making mainly updates on Patreon. It is a bit difficult to manage a website, game-dev, patreon and engine at the same time as a result alot of things are not reflective as often. I plan to devote 1 day each week to preparing blog posts for at least one of our projects.

There has been tons of progress for Game Pencil to make it as easy to use as possible with its dynamic nature and dual-runtime system(C++ or JS). Stay tuned for more exciting news. I have decided to wait a bit longer before sending in a 3rd-party engine port request to Nintendo as this update has been rather delayed and I will need to have more of a game done too before presenting to them. I hope we can get our games and yours on the Nintendo Switch soon, since the WiiU is basically out of the door entirely.


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