No more missed opportunities

There is  no doubt that this latest version of Game Pencil Engine has taken a large amount of months. This is partially because of lack of core development time. 

Looking at my overview of 2019 I can see I was working overtime at my job on the second shift. Some mornings I had the ability to code, while other late nights I found myself coding. 

With a large amount of family obligations, emergencies and more I was rarely about to code and do the stuff I actually love at PawByte. 

This year I’m asking you all to help me go full time with PawByte, Game Pencil Engine and our games. Releases shouldn’t be spread apart this far. 

If you can please donate monthly to our Patreon, help us reach our goal so I can push out quicker updates, make polished content and help expand the open source community.  Any monthly amount works, and with enough people we can truly make a masterpiece.

Thank you once again for your continued support!


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