Hello guys,

In this day and age of projects mysteriously leaving platforms once promised for we will like to be 100% transparent with you. PawByte is 100% dedicated to The Nintendo Wii U, HTML5, PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The Nintendo Wii U is the system we test on 1st and we are making sure that the highest FPS is always achieved. We are constantly updating our engine and editor to ensure that the game runs perfectly on all consoles. If we were to get a PlayStation and/or Xbox license we will only release on the Wii U 1st then the newer systems or just on the Wii U exclusively.

To be perfectly clear, Agriduel aka Fields of Fresh really only raised less than 1K via KickStarter and the Nintendo Wii U was not even a stretch goal. We have already spent all of the funds raised and have been spending our own funds on the gme development process. We added the Wii U in the middle of the development process. The Nintendo Wii U is a great and amazing system and we are making sure the game keeps that 60 fps even in split-screen mode. The game is 480P and works well.

We are not leaving the  Wii U and not hide around technical or political bulls**t. We have spent tons of time working on our custom engine and soon it shall be open source in hopes we can get community generated optimizations.

Some people believe that doing this is backwards, but if you go to KickStarter you see simple 2D games randomly choosing Tech like Game Maker and Unreal Engine 4, which DO NOT officially work on the Wii U, as far as I know. We have not asked for any money to make this engine or "more funding for more ports".

There is an something noble in using older tech with games like Mortal Kombat X using Unreal Engine 3 instead of 4 for a good reason. As Chicagoans, we see enough bulls**t from our politicians, people downtown and on the news and we do not want to offer you any.

Also, once Agriduel is released, we plan to keep the series alive on Nintendo platforms, either as exclusives or multi-platforms. We will not betray our fans, but randomly skipping Nintendo systems for any pre-quels, spinoffs, sequels, etc.

We will submit either Agriduel or a smaller game to Lotcheck by October 2015. Release date is still being hammered out.

Stay to E3, for bigger updates.


Thanks guys.

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Daniel Eriksson · May 27, 2015 at 5:44 pm

Great to hear! I believe with optimizations you can make things work if you have the will. Good thing you and several other skilled developers have that!

As said, I’m very much looking forward to the release of your engine and I hope both you as well as the community can help eachother improving and optimizing it so more great games can reach the hands of gamers.

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