Attention, is subject to a huge redesign and as such it has been determined that many aspects of the site is non-crucial and alternatives to them have been found.

Effective May 25, 2015 12::00 CST The following services will no longer be offered on our subsidiary site TilWe:

*Blogging( See blogs.php).

*Game and Software Portal(See games.php).

*Events( See events.php).

If you have any content hosted on, please download them now and upload them to alternative websites and servers.

For those interested in blogging please consider using,,,,

For those interested in hosting your game content please consider using, or

For those interested in hosting event please consider using, or


As PawByte focuses more on game and engine development, maintaining too many infrastructures(even if it is already made) is considered pork-barrel aspects and has been cut, like taxes need to be in Chicago for about 80% of it's population.

Sorry for any inconvience. If you need help with backing up your data please let us know immediately.





PawByte Knight of stuff


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