Happy New Year!


2016 has come and gone and now we bring on 2017. The year, where PawByte aims to make gamedev, video games and solutions great again! What does that mean? Do we actually have a plan, do I as the Founder and Developer of PawByte actually have a plan or am I just spewing nonsense and failed-resolutions? After heavy thought, stress, blood, sweat and mediocre sales I must answer, yes 2017 will be the greatest year for PawByte ever.


Here is what 2017 will be like, by the grace of God and if World War 3 does not happen.


January 2017

Release Version 1.1.0 of the Game Pencil Engine

Last year was simply great as it was the year our in-house game-engine went from being in-house and seen as vaporware to an actual product and ecosystem for game developers. Going from the alpha to the beta to the public release was met with all sorts of emotions, bugs, suggestions, etc.  Version 1.1.0 has so much new features, bug fixes, upgraded functions that I originally thought was not possible. This excites me the most. In the coming days, if not weeks 1.1.0 will be released and provide the 2D game engine 2017 demands.


February 2017 - December 2017


Heads Over heels Game Development


With the Game Pencil Engine taking center stage in 2016, our eldest child( Agriduel formerly known as Fields of Fresh) was overshadowed. In 2017, we will focus on games, games, games and dare I say more games. In 2015/2016 I found myself becoming more and more ambitious, but at the same time unable to manage all of the projects I began from "gamejams", "story-creation", etc. So, from this point on, I have decided to be of a 1-track mind.


One Game at a time

When thinking of the great "indie developers" I often can only link them to one or two games. With things like Shovel Knight, Octodad, MineCraft, etc I have seen one trend. These games were developed all alone, with no secondary project in mind. I could be wrong here, but to be divided into multiple game projects for an indie studio is suicide or a lack of quality assurance. So with that note, until Agriduel is complete, published on consoles and desktop I will not program, direct, organize or develop any other video game(exception: Game Pencil Engine example and tutorial projects).  I want Agriduel to redefine people view the common farming simulator and rpg, so with that I will focus squarely on this game which should be done soon this year.


One Update at a time

Based on the above paragraph I will like to explain what does Game Pencil Engine look like in 2017. After pushing out Version 1.1.0 I can expect a few bugs and new platforms that will demand support. So with this in mind, after January 2017 most updates for Game Pencil will be released to fix bugs and new gaming platforms. Depending on the nature of each platform, expect monthly releases and quicker releases to fix bugs.  For more details on Version 1.10 click here.


So that's how 2017 should unfold here at PawByte. If sales pick up and we randomly have 6-figure income we will still stick to one game at a time, although we will try to speed up that development per project. The goal this year is to release 3 games. If we make 2 we will still be happy.


Thanks for your constant support. We look forward to making gaming, great again alongside you wonderful people.






Nathan Hurde

PawByte Founder

PawByte Lead Developer

PawByte Chief Executive Officer



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