Codebase changes

Initially meant to be version 1.3.1, but we took a turn that would make drastic changes to the codebase. For starters, we separated out a few out a few our files into their own separate libraries. Instead of using the “GPE_” or “gpe_” prefix for everything, we just created a new namespace “gpe”. A quick glance at our github would show we’ve gotten ourselves busy recently with added new content.

Also we’ve modified completely how we handle SDL. The gpe base /parent level of all of our classes are now essentially templates in inside of the “sdl_libs” folder we have made child classes of them that actually utilize SDL.  This will be incredibly useful for alternating between SDL2, SFML, etc if the event that any platform somehow doesn’t take SDL2 or if someone forks/contributes an alternative system library to the engine.

Changes to PAWGUI

Since the editor began we never had a real name for our UI, so we finally decided on using PAWGUI which stands for PawByte Ambitious Working GUI. There has been much code improvements and inconsistencies fixed with a few more pending. We’ve updated this to version 2.x since nearly every variable or class has been altered in some way. 

More room for smaller projects

With this version we noted there were many pieces of codes and systems that would be useful outside of Game Pencil and have turned them into smaller C++ libraries. With Game Pencil depending on them, rest assured they will be readily updated. I’m currently updating their githubs so they can have their own unique version numbers assigned to them in their respective header files. 

Final edits before release

  • Lastly I’m finalizing the configurations of our load/save systems.
  • Ensuring our “build to IDE” system works without too much issue. 
  • Making modifications to our spatial collision system and drafting a way to use something like Box2d if users wish.
  • Running tests on our camera system for dynamic resizing and “logical screen resolutions”.
  • Looking for unwanted errors from recent code changes.

Thank you for your support. We are well on our way to a cleaner, smoother and leaner engine.


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