July 9, 2016, Chicago, IL USA


June 2016 the world was introduced to the first stable version of the Game Pencil Engine. After applying many key updates, bug fixes and functionality today I'm pleased to announce the first key update is available.


The Game Pencil Engine was originally released only in the commercial/deluxe edition. Now users are able to download the engine for free and upgrade when wanted.


The core list of differences between the free and deluxe/commercial edition can be found here.

As it stands the 4 Key differences are:

  1. Commercial use allowed for created works exported from the editor.
  2. Resource limit uncapped.
  3. Frequent Updates
  4. More custom options in editor.


You can acquire the Game Pencil Engine now at http://gamepencil.pawbyte.com/get-game-pencil-engine/ .

You can view a changelog of the changes here.


As always thank you for your time and support through this huge update.


Happy Game Developments!


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