Hello I hope your year has been going great so far. We are having an amazing year and doing things we never thought we could even accomplish before.  I will keep this post small as I know there is lots of partying to do be done for you baseball fans(as of writing this the score is 7-4 Cubs in the lead).


Future of Game Pencil Engine

If case you missed it, earlier this year we made using Game Pencil Engine and it's editors completely free , a couple of months later we released the source code in its entirety of course without any NDA related information and now maintain and active GitHub page for it as well.


Many would argue, why release the source code? Is the project dead? The answer is far from dead it is most active on all aspects. It is even more active than before. The game engine started off over 4 years ago and so much work was placed on it that it outgrew me as the sole programmer. It outgrew my notion of "upsetting the engine world with another commercial engine". We did not want to keep on the front of making a commercial engine when we could make the engine everyone needs and to give it to them for free.  We are already getting contributors to the project on GitHub and helping us to fulfill the dream of the engine being fully robust, lightweight, professional and intuitive for anyone interested in making 2D video games on any platform readily available.


Each week we will stride to get closer to reach that goal. So stay tuned and see where the future brings us.



Future of Agriduel ( RPG )


Agriduel's development was put on a giant hiatus due to the long development time to get a usable Game Pencil Engine and Editor fully established.  Once Version 1.15 of Game Pencil is launched we will begin truly focusing on developing Agriduel for a 2018 release.


Future of Command Throne ( RTS )

Command Throne is also paused in development right now. It will pick up roughly in Q2 2018 and on select weekends beforehand for advanced prototyping.


Future of Agent AAA ( Shooter )[Tentative Name]


Agent AAA is also paused in development right now. It will pick up roughly in Q4 2018 and is estimated to be released in early 2019 applying developmental mechanics found in many Game Jams.


So there you have it a rough road map of our 4 biggest projects to date.


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