2022 has been quite an eventful year...

Unfortunately for PawByte it has been indeed a slow year.

But lets dive in on the "Good, Bad and Ugly part of it"

The Good:

  1. I welcomed my second born child into the world this year. My daughter has been speaking fluent baby for months. Sometimes I wonder if she will grow up and like C++ like her dad or choose another career.
  2. I have begun refactoring code for Game Pencil Engine. This will result in minor performance changes, but it should hopefully allow organization to be easier and simplier for those switching between backend modules. In the coming weeks a new update will be made to the Github master branch.
  3. Game Pencil Engine will be priortizing the engine and usefulness of creating and building games. Before we focused heavily on the editor and PawGui. This was indeed needed to get a useful editor out of the ground. Going forward the first half of the year will be exclusively to editing the engine itself. There maybe a few changes to allow the editor to understand new build systems, but that will be it. In part this will essentialy be a code freeze for PawGui until Q3 2023. The GUI is stable and no new features are needed at the moment.
    4.Improved documentation is inbound. I will be dedicating every Tuesday of the week to focus exclusively on documentation.
    5.Every code file has been updated to reflect the new year 2023 instead of 2022.
  4. We will be migrating web host in the next few days. This should resolve many of the problems we seen this year.
  5. I have been using and studying git more and going forward we will be sticking to proper git commands and practices.

The Bad

  1. The engine has been stagnant for months and will be trailing behind any cool features of similar engines.
  2. Our webhost was experiencing many turbulent days in which the site had 500 and 503 server errors.
  3. I personally will only be focusing on working with the raylib and sdl2 backend modules. So if you're using SFML, Irrilicht or another backend module you are encouraged to help maintain those repositories. The goal of GPE was to allow for any backend module to take over the engine; however, unless we have enough fultime and dedicated developers some modules will require expert code contributors.

The Ugly

  • I did let feature creep kick in numerous times and some days I chose TV shows and video games over the project. I will continue to find better ways to balance work, life and family.

Overall 2022 was a slow year, but with two very small children I can only do so much for this project I love. I haven't forgotten about it and will keep tinkering away until one day my Platformers, RTSs and RPGs are released.