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Game Pencil Engine – Version 0.1.1. Alpha is now released

Well I was able to get a basic alpha version of the editor up and public. Although it seems like […]


Seeking Feedback on the Game Pencil Level Editor

Okay, so I’m working on The Game Pencil Engine’s 2D level editor and I wanted to request feeddback on people […]

Non-crucial services on TilWe shutting down

Attention, is subject to a huge redesign and as such it has been determined that many aspects of the […]


PawByte wants you to pick what should be our next 3D game project

*See poll below* PawByte has now expanded into three branches. Branch one, aka PawByte Light is a tools and middleware […]


Complete our game store survey for a chance to win a free copy of Bayonetta 2

PawByte is considering creating a new retail store and will love your feedback on what you think we need to […]

PawByte working towards bringing Agriduel to the Nintendo Wii U

Chicago, IL USA – Agriduel(formerly known as Fields of Fresh), PawByte’s first Role Playing Game( RPG) project has been submitted […]