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PawByte wants you to pick what should be our next 3D game project

*See poll below* PawByte has now expanded into three branches. Branch one, aka PawByte Light is a tools and middleware development team. In English, this team is what makes the Game Pencil Engine, editor and separate runners/exports for many platforms. This team by nature works in 2D and is talented in application design and general […]

Game Pencil Engine – Version 0.1.1. Alpha is now released

Well I was able to get a basic alpha version of the editor up and public. Although it seems like a midnight release for April 28th, I’m happy we still met our deadline with just half an hour to go Chicago time.

PawByte is now back to business

  Hello everyone, It has been some time now since I’ve posted here. This was one crazy summer and now we’re already halfway thru Fall. I took a break from PawByte in July and got a job, but later on my passions to keep doing game development did not stop me from coding during my […]

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Finishing 2017 Stronger than before

  Hello I hope your year has been going great so far. We are having an amazing year and doing things we never thought we could even accomplish before.  I will keep this post small as I know there is lots of partying to do be done for you baseball fans(as of writing this the […]

We are back guys for gamedev

  Hello world its me Nathan Hurde from PawByte,   It has been some time since our last post. This summer led to an unusual time for us at PawByte. Although, we rarely take weeks and even months off; this summer we did. As many in the industry know game development is not easy, stressful and […]

May 2017 Report

  April has come and gone and May looks to be even more exciting. We were able to launch Version 1.1.0 BETA of Game Pencil Engine.  Now we are moving quite faster and with slightly less stress.   Just moved into a coworking space!   I love Chicago and the hustle and bustle and now […]

The Game Pencil Engine has been Steam Greenlit!

  2017 has already started off with “winning”. Last summer we submitted  the game pencil engine to Steam and after a long campaign and waiting process.  We have been given the Green Light!  This is an incredible opportunity and exciting time. We look forward to delivering a quality engine to the Steam userbase as well […]

Happy New Year – PawByte Resolutions

    Happy New Year!   2016 has come and gone and now we bring on 2017. The year, where PawByte aims to make gamedev, video games and solutions great again! What does that mean? Do we actually have a plan, do I as the Founder and Developer of PawByte actually have a plan or […]

December 2016 Update – Game Pencil, Nintendo WiiU and Switch and more!

Good morning,   It has been quite some time since our last update. Most of the news is simply posted to the Game Pencil Subdomain. I will like to assure you all that development has been going steadily, but not smoothly. In the last 2 weeks my hard-drive failed. There was not much data loss(just […]

Introducing Release Candidate 1.0.3 for Windows and Linux users!

  Good morning,   The update process for the Game Pencil engine in this key update focused on many bug fixing, optimizations and the introduction of a more intuitive build process as well as the addition of many new functions.   Please check out the Release Candidate now via our page. The release candidate […]

Game Pencil is now on Steam Greenlight!

After a pleasant launch on we are setitng our eyes towards a Steam release. To do this we must first get Greenlit.   With that we need your help. Using your Steam account please visit and vote your level of support for the engine.   I believe in only a matter of days, we […]

Game Pencil Engine 1.0.1 is now available!

July 9, 2016, Chicago, IL USA   June 2016 the world was introduced to the first stable version of the Game Pencil Engine. After applying many key updates, bug fixes and functionality today I’m pleased to announce the first key update is available.   The Game Pencil Engine was originally released only in the commercial/deluxe […]

Game Pencil Updates – It’s polishing time!

It has been some time since I updated our site and it’s mainly because I’ve been busy making intense updates to the game pencil engine. Creating a GUI from scratch to make a new IDE from scratch with an engine from scratch sounds like torture to some, and believe me it has been. But fear […]