PawByte 2.5 on it's way. Pardon our #dust...
PawByte is an indie gaming and tech studio based in Chicago.

About PawByte

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Agriduel is a Adventure Game and when you play as Daniel Peter in a special town revolving around agriculture. The game will [...]

Soldier Blood

Soldier Blood is a story enriched shooter game developed by PawByte. It is currently in the Pre-Alpha state pending a full t[...]

Underground Throne

Zeal for more love to be placed to the RTS genre consumed me to create a Dungeon RTS with no gimmicks. If you like strategizi[...]

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Game Builder[Name pending]

This is the Dream Level Editor being created in-house by PawByte. The project will allow for dynamic levels with multiple export[...]

3D Model Primer Pro

Import .objs and export .mod / .d3d files. 1 day in development so far, but functional. Key Features: -Import .obj models[...]

More info coming soon...