Seeking Feedback on the Game Pencil Level Editor

Okay, so I’m working on The Game Pencil Engine’s 2D level editor and I wanted to request feeddback on people working with engines/editors. I’m sure most of them have their pros and cons and I will like to hear them.

Currently, my level editor is a tab-based editor in which you have 4 sub-systems(Objects, Tiles, Settings and Cameras/Views).

The menu bar is on the right side of the screen by default(soon to be movable).

Users will be able to navigate through the editor through the mouse, scrollbars and a minimap.

Please tell me how you will like your current level editors to be improved and some things you feel are unneccesary/clunky as well.


P.S, the game engine and editor = free.


Basic screenshot here:


Non-crucial services on TilWe shutting down

Attention, is subject to a huge redesign and as such it has been determined that many aspects of the site is non-crucial and alternatives to them have been found.

Effective May 25, 2015 12::00 CST The following services will no longer be offered on our subsidiary site TilWe:

*Blogging( See blogs.php).

*Game and Software Portal(See games.php).

*Events( See events.php).

If you have any content hosted on, please download them now and upload them to alternative websites and servers.

For those interested in blogging please consider using,,,,

For those interested in hosting your game content please consider using, or

For those interested in hosting event please consider using, or


As PawByte focuses more on game and engine development, maintaining too many infrastructures(even if it is already made) is considered pork-barrel aspects and has been cut, like taxes need to be in Chicago for about 80% of it’s population.

Sorry for any inconvience. If you need help with backing up your data please let us know immediately.





PawByte Knight of stuff

Dry Game Dev spell is coming to an end

Photo credit:  USDA

Hello guys,

So it has been a long 26 days and I have found myself quite productive.  I shall be continuing game development of our Game Pencil Engine, along without game projects, just this time with alcohol powering game development.  I have pushed through my Game Dev Coder’s block and have finally gotten the game pencil engine to work better, more efficiently and stronger than it did before I lost all of my code last summer.  If Agriduel was a normal game development cycle, this challenge would’ve been more appropriate, but seeing that I’m not only building separate game engines(runners) on top of that I’m building an Editor for it, the time cycle is reasonably this long.  Agriduel is still planned for Q3 2015, but a little bit of alcohol and Bayonetta 2 may speed the game development cycle up more.

Here is a post-mortem  of  these past 25 days.

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PawByte wants you to pick what should be our next 3D game project

*See poll below*

PawByte has now expanded into three branches. Branch one, aka PawByte Light is a tools and middleware development team. In English, this team is what makes the Game Pencil Engine, editor and separate runners/exports for many platforms. This team by nature works in 2D and is talented in application design and general game engine and logic design. Branch 2 is PawByte Dev, which is a game building team. It’s main focus is to use our middleware tools to make commercial 2D game projects. The third, but not least and newest team is JollyAce, which mainly focuses on 3D game development(using Unity3D) and in the near future will also use PawByte created middleware tools for upcoming projects.

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Introducing Dry Spell GameDev

As an added challenge and encouragement to finish Agriduel this year, I have taken on a new challenge for myself personally. I will finish my last two bottles of beer and my Chardonay as I type this and it will be my last alcoholic beverages(with the exception of Sunday Eucharistic communion) until Agriduel is publicly released.  The longest I’ve went without alcohol was 2 years during my last 2 years of college, so I’m fully capable of doing this. Although I will miss my Apple Ales, wines and LimeRitas I think this will be an interesting way to go about game development for the remainder of Agriduel.


Agriduel’s is slated for release around Q3 2015, but who knows development may speed up a litle bit. One thing for sure, I know the game last more than 5 hours.


Check around here periodically for new game development posts and updates of Agriduel and it’s Game Pencil Engine.


So much fun to have, with so little time.

PawByte working towards bringing Agriduel to the Nintendo Wii U

Chicago, IL USA – Agriduel(formerly known as Fields of Fresh), PawByte’s first Role Playing Game( RPG) project has been submitted to the Nintendo for approval on becoming an official Wii U eShop title. The Nintendo Wii U offers a very unique way to play games thanks to it’s innovative GamePad which has a touch screen embedded on it.

Read the Full Press Release here.