Introducing Dry Spell GameDev

As an added challenge and encouragement to finish Agriduel this year, I have taken on a new challenge for myself personally. I will finish my last two bottles of beer and my Chardonay as I type this and it will be my last alcoholic beverages(with the exception of Sunday Eucharistic communion) until Agriduel is publicly released.  The longest I’ve went without alcohol was 2 years during my last 2 years of college, so I’m fully capable of doing this. Although I will miss my Apple Ales, wines and LimeRitas I think this will be an interesting way to go about game development for the remainder of Agriduel.


Agriduel’s is slated for release around Q3 2015, but who knows development may speed up a litle bit. One thing for sure, I know the game last more than 5 hours.


Check around here periodically for new game development posts and updates of Agriduel and it’s Game Pencil Engine.


So much fun to have, with so little time.

PawByte working towards bringing Agriduel to the Nintendo Wii U

Chicago, IL USA – Agriduel(formerly known as Fields of Fresh), PawByte’s first Role Playing Game( RPG) project has been submitted to the Nintendo for approval on becoming an official Wii U eShop title. The Nintendo Wii U offers a very unique way to play games thanks to it’s innovative GamePad which has a touch screen embedded on it.

Read the Full Press Release here.